Why the Science Concert?

Science Concert is to showcase science and music to everybody, people at every age, education and nationality. The goal is to entertain people and raise their curiosity at the world that surrounds them. Our message is: Let yourself fascinate by modern science in your everyday life! This includes all kinds of phenomena of physics and astronomy, inspiring questions like “Why does the Sun shine?”, “Can we travel in time?”, or “What is energy?”. First and foremost, we want to show that science is inclusive and can build bridges between all people

What is the Science Concert?

Science Concert encompasses a complete show, including live music and scientific topics presented to the audience in form of a narrated story, relaxed by humorous dialogs. The scientific animator and pianist Lorenzo Pizzuti takes you on an exciting journey, which lets you discover some of the most interesting secrets of nature and human scientific achievements. With the band playing, you will immerse into a mysterious, dreamy or monumental ambience, embodying the vivid fascination with the yet undiscovered.

The musicians

 The Science Concert wouldn't be possible without the musicians! Here you are all the musicians that have participated to all the editions of the Science Concert!

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Prizes and awards

The Science Concert was awarded the second prize at the "7th Young Minds Leadership Meeting" held at the Czech Technical Universityo in Prague from the 3rd to the 5th of May 2018.