The association

Science Industries is a non-profit organization born in a pub behind a beer in 2016 by a group of young physicists from Trieste. In Science industries we are convinced that science, besides being done, is also beautiful to tell. Moreover we believe that it is very important to make society participate in the intellectual development that is generated in the scientific community. It is for these reasons that one of the two main objectives of the association is to do scientific animation, a form of disclosure that peeps at pop culture and wants to be as interactive as possible. Moreover, too often scientific knowledge remains trapped in different areas, watertight compartments that struggle to talk to each other. For this reason we are also committed to stimulating contacts and providing opportunities for exchange and discussion among young researchers working in the various scientific institutions of Trieste.

Scientific Animation

Why should we use only complex equations to understand sounds when we can play a guitar?

The biggest challenge in scientific communication is to lower the formal barriers caused by the complexity of the topics. Complexity naturally leads to use technical words or trivial examples to explain complicated concepts when interacting with the audience. The result is either an oversimplified or too technical explanation. For this reason the general public, on average, feels a strong distance from scientists' world. On the other hand, for researchers, years of study and a self-referential formalism are seen as a huge obstacle which makes teaching Science difficult, especially when dealing with teenagers.

The main effort required to prepare an efficient interaction with a non-expert audience is the translation of scientific concepts into something that we all can directly experience in everyday life.

Pay attention to the clock!

A good timing in the communication is fundamental. Complete and extended attention is impossible to achieve. All performances should be well timed by mixing attention time, relax time and programmed pauses.

The aim of Scientific Animation is to undress Science of its formalism. Complex topics can be taught in a funny way and understood using simple examples: your smartphone has more in common with the Hubble Space Telescope than you can imagine.

Who we are

Consiglio Direttivo

Erik Romelli (President)

Thomas Gasparetto (Vice-president)

Daniele Tavagnacco (Secretary)

Stefano Sartor (Treasurer)

Lorenzo Pizzuti

Trieste Young Minds Section (European Physical Society)

Some of the members of Science Industries form the Trieste section of the Young Minds project of the European Physical Society.

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